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Hello I'm MING!

UI Designer & App Developer
 WWDC21 Scholar


Who am I

An outgoing & motivated person with unlimited creativity, studying within a great IT environment. Eager to work in a large and professional MNC in Design and Programming related industry in the future.

My Education Level

Bachelor's degree

A science student graduated at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong. Passed Korean TOPIK language exam in 2018.

What I Do

- UI/UX Design
- iOS / iPadOS / macOS Application Development
- Photo Shooting & Editing
- Movie and Short Video Shooting & Editing

(Check-out my latest work on dribbble and behance.)
(Available on App Store and Mac App Store.)
(Available on Adobe Stock.)
(Enquiry via email.)


PolyU, HONG KONG - As a Student Assistant (PT) Develop website & design booklet for College's Language Scolar Program

PolyU, HONG KONG - As a Student Assistant (PT) Data analytics and visualization

PolyU, HONG KONG - As a student developer Participate in artificial intelligence and Natural language processing research field

Atlassian, Australia - As a Translator (Chinese, Korean) language of the Team

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan - As a CHT Translator of the StopCovid19Tokyo Team with Code of Japan

Freelance works on different platform



Adobe Creative Cloud Apple Xcode Microsoft SQL Server
Adobe XD Apple Keynote Microsoft Office
Adobe Dimension Apple Pages
Adobe Photoshop Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro Figma
Adobe Lightroom Framer
Adobe Dreamweaver Unity Engine


Proficient in both spoken and written  Proficient in spoken Basic in
Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin) Korean (Passed the Test of Proficiency in Korean in 2018) Japanese
English (the United Kingdom, United States of America)

Question and Answering

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